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World Hepatitis Day

Spread the word to help others As many of you might not have realised it is almost time for World Hepatitis Day. If you are anything like me you may not know much about hepatitis, so in the spirit of sharing I decided to do some research and get informed. Hopefully taking you on this […]

UK National Smile Month

Improving our Collective Oral Health Did you know that it’s UK National Smile Month? Maybe not, especially if you’re one of our International readers based outside of Great Britain. Regardless, it’s a campaign with a message worth reiterating the world over; preserve a beautiful smile and great oral health by looking after those teeth! The […]

Qualification Legitimacy

Finding Trustworthy eLearning Course Providers These days eLearning institutions that offer online courses are available seemingly everywhere, with offerings covering a wide range of subjects and industries emerging from around the globe. Indeed, the fact you are reading this on our website now is testament to the success of this concept! However, while on the […]

Detoxing and Hydration

A Safe & Healthy Detox Regime for 2017 Having had a great Christmas and New Year some weeks ago, I’ve noticed that I am not my energetic up-for-anything self. I’ve been feeling tired and I keep forgetting things more often than usual, not to mention that I have managed to pack on an additional pound […]