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Delivering IOSH Training

A Transformational Experience I’ve been delivering IOSH training for a couple of years now and I’ve noticed that we can sort companies, very generally, into two basic categories: Those who are only concerned with becoming qualified on paper. Those who are on a journey of cultural change, who want the training to be a transformational […]

eLearning VS Classroom Training – Pros and Cons

A Balanced Overview of Both Learning Methods Many students struggle to choose between an eLearning course and a classroom course. With the growth of the internet and the eLearning industry, a debate continues amongst professionals on the pros and cons of each method. Some people are adamantly against eLearning, whilst others acknowledge it has an […]

Volenti Non Fit Injuria is still a valid defence in the 21st century

Should workers be able to sign away the right to damages? Recently I attended a training course with other health and safety professionals; as is usually the case with such events, at some point the conversation veered off into personal anecdotes and discussion of shared professional challenges. We were discussing difficulties with getting employees to […]

NEBOSH Examination Remarks

NEBOSH Exam, thoughts from a tutor Think twice before asking when you don’t pass NEBOSH are a “not-for-profit” charity with the aim of providing a benchmark to measure knowledge and ability of health and safety professionals globally. They are renowned globally as the standard for health and safety experts. Their qualifications are designed, in conjunction […]

New GRIP Scheme for slip resistant footwear

The new GRIP Scheme The Health and Safety Laboratory have recently introduced a new scheme called GRIP. This is a slip resistance rating scheme for footwear, allowing manufacturers to get their footwear tested and rated for slip resistance under the scheme. http://www.hsl.gov.uk/hsl-shop/grip/grip-full-rating Choosing the right level of slip resistance has always been a challenge for […]

Human Waste dumped on railway tracks

Railways and Human Waste Thanks to a BBC report yesterday, it may come as some surprise to you that, 140 years after the Victorians banned open sewers due to the inherent health risks, one in 10 of Britain’s train carriages still dump their toilet waste straight onto the railway tracks. Raw sewage is found dumped […]

Supermarket Collapses in Latvia

Supermarket Collapses in Latvia | 45 die A supermarket collapses in Latvia, where 45 people have died following the collapse of a supermarket during building work. Building collapses like this are very common around the world, particularly in countries still considered to be “developing”. Building standards are often not adhered to and are poorly enforced. […]

Nursery Prosecuted for Negligence

Nursery Prosecuted for Negligence On Monday a local and popular Hull nursery was prosecuted following an incident where a childcare assistant was distracted and allowed a baby to fall from a nappy changing table on to a hard floor. The baby hit its head and suffered a concussion. During the incident two other small children […]

Cut EU Red Tape

Cut EU Red Tape around Health & Safety A UK government panel has released a report (“Cut EU Red Tape”) in which they outline proposals to reduce unnecessary bureaucratic burden of EU Directives on UK businesses.  In this report they propose allowing national governments to decide when small, low-risk businesses should be exempt from written […]