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CDM – New Draft Publication

New CDM Draft finally here!

The long anticipated draft of the CMD Regulations 2015 has been released.

Projects started before the 6th April 2015 will continue to comply with the old regulations and have a 6 month grace period to move across to the new version.

Projects started after the 6th April 2015 will comply with these new regulations.

Draft CDM Regulations 2015blog_draft

The new regulations include 6 draft industrial guidance documents for those involved in construction work; clients, contractors, designers, workers, principal contractors and the principal designers.

New changes to CDM include:

  • Principal designer replaces CDM co-ordinator.
  • Clients as the head of the supply chain are best suited to set standards throughout a project.
  • Competence – general framework splits competence into skills, knowledge, training and experience, and organisational capability.

The new draft guidance on the regulations is viewable at