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NVQ Courses in Health & Safety

National Vocational Qualifications are “on-the-job” training courses – NVQ courses in health & safety are practical, dealing with real-world scenarios specific to your job role within your industry or niche market.

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NVQ Courses without Examinations

There’s nothing quite like an NVQ – qualifications that focus entirely on your role within a company.

Demonstrate how to properly record, report and handle issues at globally recognised standards of a professionally trained, health and safety officer or those responsible for health and safety activities.

An NVQ is a competency based qualification, which is not evaluated by a formal examination. You are assessed upon evidence gathered whilst undertaking your day-to-day working responsibilities to demonstrate your competency.

SHEilds are an approved training provider for ProQual NVQs.

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Our ProQual NVQs are accepted globally

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Frequently Asked Questions

A National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) is work-based and involves assessing an individuals’ performance in the workplace. To obtain an NVQ, students must demonstrate that they can competently carry out work-related activities to the required standard of their job role.

NVQ’s are not assessed by examinations or tests and are solely evaluated against a competency frame work.

Essentially, NVQ students leverage documents produced as part of day to day work activities, towards the qualifications criteria for ‘competence’.

There are no exams, simply documented evidence you can do a particular job.

Although an NVQ cannot technically be considered failed, it may be determined that you are not yet classed as competent and therefore unqualified.

NVQs are relatively simple in their grading method, you are either ‘competent’, meaning you’ve passed and supplied all required evidence to proof this, or ‘not yet competent’ and likely have more evidence to collect.

ProQual is an Awarding Body recognised and approved by Ofqual with an ever-expanding portfolio of qualifications across a range of industries. SHEilds promotes health and safety industry focused NVQ training in conjunction with this esteemed qualification developer.

Find out more about ProQual on their website:

Yes, ProQual provide NVQ (national vocational training) courses in health and safety via authorised training providers, such as ourselves.

Working closely with SHEilds, ProQual is a progressive awarding body of NVQ training courses. Teaming up with our expert NVQ assessors you’ll receive the very highest levels of training whilst working “on-the-job” in your current position. During training, you will undertake a complete review and overhaul of your existing systems. This is a massive benefit to the company you are working for, on top of the obvious personal benefits you’ll receive from health and safety training.

ProQual and City & Guilds NVQs are accepted internationally as valid professional qualifications.

We have found ProQual offer a more flexible approach to assess candidates using widely available technologies. This removes the need for costly on-site visits and promotes our distance learning model.