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Participation A recent conversation with our 18 year old boy…

The New NEBOSH NG & IG Qualifications

The New NEBOSH NG & IG Qualifications The New National General/International…
What will happen to Health and Safety after Brexit Image2

What will happen to health and safety after “Brexit”?

What will happen to health and safety after "Brexit"? Brexit…
International Legislation in Health and Safety Blog Image

International Legislation and Where it Comes From

Understanding of the broader picture Legislation is the main…

Transform Career Development

Can online training be a reliable substitute? When we talk about…
SHE Profession Booming Career Path NEBOSH SHEilds Image

A Booming Career Path for Professionals

Health, Safety and Environmental Management Health and Safety…
Global Road Safety Week Blog Image

UN Global Road Safety Week

Reducing road traffic incidents This week marks the fifth occurrence…
NEBOSH National Diploma Guide Blog Image

NEBOSH National Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Guide

A Straightforward Guide The NEBOSH National Diploma in Occupational…
Stress Awareness Month 2019 SHEilds Health and Safety

Stress Awareness

Management of Employee Well-Being Stress awareness has become…
World Health Day 2019 Blog Image

World Health Day 2019

Health coverage on a global scale As anyone who has had a close-call…
Guide to the NEBOSH International Diploma

Guide to the NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health

A Guide to the NEBOSH International Diploma If you're interested…
World Bipolar Day Blog

World Bipolar Day

Educate and improve sensitivity towards the condition This is…
Self Harm Blog Image - SHEilds Health and Safety


How to talk about it and how to help To hear or discover that…
Eating Disorder 2019 Blog Image

Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2019

How it Feels to Struggle This year, I decided that I would speak…
How much do NEBOSH Courses Cost? SHEilds Blog

How much do NEBOSH courses cost?

NEBOSH Course CostsMost people who begin eLearning with SHEilds…
SHEilds Brexit Blog NEBOSH Affected?

Will Brexit affect my NEBOSH qualification?

A Professional Explanation At we have been contacted…
Make Time to Talk 2019 Blog Image

Make Time to Talk 2019

Encouraging Conversation on Mental Health When shock headlines…
Working at Height SHEilds Health and Safety Blog

Working at Height Safely

Assessment and Control Measures It's no staggering observation…
Drone Blog Image - SHEilds eLearning Blog

An Overview of Drones

Market Growth, Risks and Future Developments Drones. Associated…
Image for the Are you that guy blog image from SHEilds eLearning

Are you THAT Guy?

Taking Charge of Your Future with a Career Plan Are you THAT…