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As a renowned provider of health and safety training courses globally, SHEilds want to give back and help make the world a safer place to work and live. So, we have created the below short training courses. These courses are bite-sized and can be completed in your own time within one day.

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SHEilds are known globally for excellence in health and safety training as leading providers for NEBOSH, IOSH and ProQual management level qualifications. With the same dedication and commitment to quality, we now offer a wide range of inexpensive short courses with a focus on personal ‘Continued Professional Development’ (CPD).

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Hassle free 1 day training courses

Our hassle free, online, one day short courses allow you to quickly complete your training, so you can learn new skills and apply them to your daily work. SHEilds short courses are intuitive and designed to promote independent self-study and come with a digital certificate of completion as evidence of your training.

Frequently Asked Questions

The SHEilds DSE course is designed to teach how to correctly setup a workstation (desk) while using a computer or other device to minimise health risks.

This involves, the seating position of the worker, the correct placement of the screen, keyboard, mouse, desk, lighting and more.

Getting the basics right, lets workers be more comfortable and avoids any time-off work due to health reasons, even if it’s just a stiff neck!

Our Display Screen Equipment course is for anyone using a workstation, regardless if it’s at home or the office, where a self-assessment form is used as a checklist, to ensure everything is setup safely and correctly.

Upon successful completion of the DSE course, students are generated an electronic Certificate, which you can save to your device and print. The certificate is valid for one year, however we encourage you to re-evaluate your workstation whenever your workstation / setup changes.