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Peninsula Services – A Quick Over view

Peninsula are the Leading HR, Employment Law and Health & Safety Consultancy Firm, with more than 29,000 Clients. Providing expert advice & services to businesses.

Consultancy Services Available

Peninsula services will help your business stay one step ahead

Employment Law Services

  • 24 Hour Employment Law Advice
  • Early Conciliation
  • Employment Law Solicitors
  • Employment Law Training
  • Employment Tribunal Services
  • Legal Representation
  • Employment Law Insurance
  • Mediation in the Workplace
  • Documentation

HR Services

  • HR Training
  • HRFace2Face
  • Bright HR

Health & Safety Services

  • 24 Hour Health & Safety Advice
  • BusinessSafe 1 2 3
  • Health & Safety Consultants
  • Health & Safety Insurance
  • Health & Safety Training

Small Business Services

  • Documentation / Terms
  • Employment Law
  • Health & Safety
  • HR
  • Tribunal Representation

Other Services

  • Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)
  • Payroll Advice
  • Tax Advice
  • Education

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