IEMA Courses

IEMA Courses in Environment and Sustainability in the Workplace

The “Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment” (IEMA) is one of, if not the largest professional body for environmental practitioners globally.

IEMA environmental management and sustainability courses can make a real positive difference in the world. Empower yourself, your team or organisation – study IEMA Environmental courses with SHEilds for a brighter future.

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Online IEMA Courses

IEMA courses are available to study online with tutor support, giving students the freedom to study at their own pace.

With videos and quizzes to keep you engaged, learn online, study in your own time and explore our fun, interactive IEMA environmental sustainability courses.

Our modern online learning platform allows you to study successfully and is supplemented with support from our team of experts.

SHEilds IEMA courses are completed entirely online from start to finish in one convenient place.

SHEilds are an approved IEMA training centre

IEMA Training Centre | SHEilds

IEMA Courses

IEMA (Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment) courses for environmental management and sustainability training

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Frequently Asked Questions

Provided by SHEilds, IEMA offer training in Environmental Sustainability online.

To find out more, visit their site:

You can study IEMA with SHEilds from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

All our IEMA courses are assessed entirely online. Learning 100% online, our students can study, then take a multiple-choice online assessment, lasting only 30 minutes.