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Make Time to Talk 2019

Encouraging Conversation on Mental Health When shock headlines filled with casualty figures dominate the news it can often be difficult to see past them and focus on the smaller stories, even when they are our own. Health and Safety is often keen to draw attention to large scale accidents and failings – which is by […]

Winter Weather in The Workplace

Temperature drops and how they should be managed With the cold arriving in a big way this week at SHEilds UK, I thought now might be a good point to start thinking ahead about sharp temperature drops and how they should be managed in the workplace. For all the care that goes into Health and […]

Workplace Bullying

Always Choose Respect For Anti-Bullying Week 2018 the Anti-Bullying Alliance focused on the theme of ‘choose respect’, and while this campaign is predominantly targeted at school children it seems no less relevant in relation to workplace bullying. The very fact that workplace bullying exists at all is one most should find sobering. Many of us […]

Mesothelioma Awareness Day 2018

Asbestos we meet again If you’ll excuse an odd momentary detour, I’d like to outline an analogy for the situation I find myself facing here. As an avid comic book fan, I love the fantastical nature of the DC and Marvel properties. Batman, Spiderman, X-men, The Avengers; they all have a place in my past […]

Migraine Awareness Week

Migraines in the Workplace It starts with a tiny sun spot in the centre of my vision. I’m reading, and I suddenly realise I can’t quite focus my eyes, as though I’ve got the afterimage of a camera flash or sun glare right where I’m trying to look. Closing my eyes, I wait for it […]

Beating Plastic Pollution

Preventing a Trash Planet Future As a cinema, TV, novel, videogame and comic book trope, apocalypses have become strangely commonplace in popular fiction. Indeed, their popularity may speak of the bizarre comfort one feels in experiencing such dystopias, safe in the knowledge that this is not our world, just a little holiday into the heart […]

Save Lives – Clean Your Hands  

Reassess Hand Hygiene Washing your hands following a bathroom visit, prior to handling food or any other activity where cleanliness is of particular importance is an everyday ritual which most of us don’t even think about anymore. As such, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) May 5th awareness day ‘Save Lives- Clean Your Hands 2018′ seems odd […]

World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2018

End Child Labour in All its Forms A fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay, safe working conditions and reassurances that children will not be exploited; principles we should all be onboard with. However, in spite of this common consensus UNICEF (The United Nations Children’s Fund) statistics show that in the world’s poorest nations […]

World Health Day

Universal Health Coverage for Everyone, Everywhere 2018’s World Health Day is tackling a far broader and more ambitious theme than previous years’, while also possessing a universal pertinence to everyone on the planet. Whereas previous Health Days have zeroed in on specific well-being issues such as diabetes and depression, this time around the scope is […]

Autism Awareness Week

A Hypothetical Account For Autism Awareness Week, rather than pulling up a list of tired bullet points or advice I’d like to share a hypothetical account. Alienation Imagine if you will, feeling an inescapable sense of alienation with the world around you. It feels like something is missing, a certain thing between people when they […]

Safer Internet Day

Four Key Pieces of Advice for Online Safety It seems fair to say that the internet – much like the people who use it – has the capacity to facilitate both great and terrible things. The speed and range of communication it has spearheaded in the last three decades is unprecedented in human history and […]

Dry January

Time to Rethink Moderation? ‘Sign up, save money, feel great.’ Sounds good right? Alcohol Concern and Public Health England’s (PHE) Dry January*1 event has developed into something of a cultural fixture in the UK over the course of several years; beginning as an informal campaign in 2013 – thought by some to be rooted in […]

Blue Monday

A Nonsense Day with a Grain of Truth As regular readers may know, Mental Health in the workplace – and anywhere else for that matter – is a frequent topic of importance for the SHEilds blog. This is not without good cause either; in recent years industries around the world have been increasingly acknowledging good […]

Wet Weather Safety

  Save Yourself from Slipups Rain is a fact of life – particularly for SHEilds UK – but as the seasons turn and colder, darker nights close in the risk factor presented can creep up on us, only becoming fully apparent after an incident has occurred. The tendency to treat bad weather as an inconvenience […]

Top 10 Tips for Halloween Safety

Keep your Horror Harmless So here we are again, All Hallows Eve! Another chance to dust off skeleton/zombie/vampire outfits, ramp up our sugar intake and perhaps enjoy a decent (or not so decent) horror film or two. Considering its roots, Halloween has seen something of an odd evolution. It was conceived as a Christian day […]

World Mental Health Day 2017

Boost your workplace wellbeing At SHEilds we’re keen proponents of good workplace wellbeing, having covered the topic several times in the past along with our NEBOSH Health and Well-Being course training people to specialise in its management. In line with the focus of World Mental Health Day 2017 on the same theme we thought we’d […]

Caring for your Vision

Eye Health and Safety It goes without saying that most working roles depend upon on eyes in some capacity, while the quality of life we enjoy can be heavily impacted by vision impairment, eye conditions and injury. Caring for your vision should be paramount, but too often failure to do so results in preventable tragedies […]

Carbon Monoxide

Responsibility and Appropriate Consequences Lately, a few news articles regarding incorrect operation of gas flues reminded me of a close call with Carbon Monoxide (CO) I had some years ago. At the time, the incident in question underlined how vital carbon monoxide detectors are in properties with gas boilers, however in recent years as I […]

Mesothelioma Awareness and Asbestos

Asbestos Kills It has to be said, anyone who searches ‘asbestos’ or ‘mesothelioma’ on our blog will discover quite the backlog of content. These interlinked topics have come up repeatedly over the last two years, whether it be through awareness days or a desire to educate people on the dangers. As such, I’m simultaneously confident […]

Drowning Prevention Week 2017

Tips on Water Safety when Swimming With no small array of Health and Safety concerns on dry land many of us might be forgiven for overlooking water safety advice. On the other hand, almost all of us will end up crossing or entering a large body of water on at least an occasional basis, whether […]