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An Overview of Drones

Market Growth, Risks and Future Developments Drones. Associated with the word are a plethora of thoughts. To start with, my first thought is that the idea of flying a drone is a fantastic hobby. For me I love the idea of flying with a first-person bird’s eye view of my surroundings. For others it is […]

Halloween Safety

Keeping the Terror Fantastical Halloween is a tradition that many cultures celebrate and have done for many years on the last day of October. As with every celebratory event we have to be careful of a few things. Some are quite obvious, others not so much. Regardless, SHEilds are here to slam another Health and […]

Safety in Shopping Online

How safe is shopping online? I bet anyone who has clicked through to read this has at some point in their lives shopped online. With so many services now allowing us to shop and book things online we have to question the safety in shopping online. So, let’s answer the question; how safe is shopping […]

AI in Health and Safety

The Future May Not be too Far Away What could AI in Health and Safety mean for managers looking to develop a career in the sector? Many people are in two deep minds about AI, especially when it relates to their industry. Common objections seem to be around the fear of their jobs being taken […]

International Coffee Day

Is coffee good for you? Coffee has become known as many things such as ‘Joe’ or ‘Java’, but one thing that it doesn’t seem to be known for are its benefits. For years we have been stuck in between arguments like; Is coffee good for you…? Is coffee bad for you..? I set aside a […]

National Video Games Day

UK Celebration of Video Games In the UK we are celebrating National Video Games day, acknowledging the history of video games. Your first thoughts may be why is a Health and Safety Training Provider posting about this, are they going to put a negative spin on video games? In fact I don’t want to put […]

Did you mean NEBOSH?

Or NIMBOSH, NEBOSCH, NEEBOSH or NESBOSH? We have been getting a lot of traffic to our site through some common methods such as people picking up some of our blogs, student recommendations and most regularly from Google. We do however receive traffic from some searches that we don’t try and get found for. Some of […]

Health and Safety in 2017

The 2015/2016 statistics 2016 was a big year that posed a lot of questions for Health and Safety in 2017 with a focus on the UK regulations after Brexit. The 2015/2016 statistics saw an increase of fatalities (144 compared to 2014/2015) along with days lost up by over 3 million! In the UK, the east […]

CLP Hazard Signs

CLP Hazard Signs – Do you know them all? Learn about CLP hazards from our IOSH Managing Safely training course. On 1st June 2017 all of the CHIP pictograms must be updated to CLP for all products. These pictograms are vital to help us understand what is present in a container, many of which hold hazardous […]

Restroom Cleanliness

Reducing the Spread of Germs There are few things that really frustrate me, but one is the lack of restroom cleanliness. I am fortunate enough to work in an environment where health is a primary focus, however when using public restrooms I cannot think of anything that annoys me more than someone who doesn’t wash […]

A Trip Through My Career

Health and Safety is Quite Often Overlooked Health and Safety is vital to both a business and individuals. It is also a topic that many choose to both ignore and take seriously. When I speak to friends and family the topic usually heads in the direction of large energy companies in the Oil and Gas […]