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Career Transformation

Hit the ground running in 2019

“What are your plans for the New Year?”

Few people want to respond, “same thing again”. We all wish to be better, happier and safer in our careers. So, what exactly is holding us back?

For better or worse, the seasonal break can seem to pass in the blink of an eye. Before you know it, you’re landing head first in the New Year, having to plan, prepare and react to the realities that brings.

Many of us would rather hold career related matters at arm’s length for Christmas and New Year, when in fact this is the perfect time to start planning ahead, identifying opportunities and ensuring you hit the ground running in 2019.

Safety, Health and Environmental Management (SHE) careers include a wealth or personal benefits, while simultaneously making workplaces around the world safer, happier and more productive.

They’re nothing to be intimidated by either as training options have never been more accessible thanks to online studies for IOSH, NEBOSH and NVQ Qualifications.

Want change in 2019? Here’s how and why you should start laying the groundwork for a SHE career transformation before the year ends.

Substantial salaries and associated benefits

Speaking generally, managers in Health and Safety roles can expect substantial salaries and associated benefits.

In the UK a SHE manager can presently expect to earn an average of £34,000 per annum with upper limits averaging around £51,000*1. In addition, being employed in Health and Safety is likely to be coupled with a boost in job security and skills which can be effectively transferred to other roles, potentially in different industries.

You can even choose to specialise with NEBOSH Qualifications built around Fire Safety, Environmental Management, Oil & Gas, Construction and Well-Being; making your skill set even more sought after in related workplaces.

What exactly is a NEBOSH Qualification and why should you pursue one?

Taking a closer look at one of the world’s most widely recognised and respected institutions; what exactly is a NEBOSH Qualification and why should you pursue one?

Qualifications accredited by the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH), carry the weight of respect across industries you’d expect from a renowned brand with almost forty years of work helping to make the world safer.

When a professional holds a NEBOSH Qualification in their given field, it means recognition of reliable skills and expertise in SHE, opening new employment and promotion opportunities.

To highlight some key points regarding NEBOSH Certificate and Diploma Qualifications:

  • In excess of half a million people have studied for NEBOSH Qualifications*2.
  • Since its introduction in 1989, the NEBOSH National General Certificate has become one of the most popular and readily recognised qualifications in SHE, held by over 190,000 practitioners*3.
  • Recent research shows demand for NEBOSH expertise is on the rise; 90% of UK advertised roles in SHE Management specified a requirement of at least one NEBOSH Qualification, a marked increase of 7% over the previous year’s reading*4.
  • Half of said positions in turn asked for a degree equivalent NEBOSH Diploma*4.
  • Where a NEBOSH Diploma level qualification was specified the average top-end salary advertised was £49,000, an increase of more than 16% over the top-end (£42,000) for roles which didn’t specify a Diploma*4.
NEBOSH General Certificate Long Banner

Study for a NEBOSH Certificate online and open brand new employment opportunities

IOSH and NVQ Qualifications

While NEBOSH Qualifications are typically more commonly sought by practitioners and employers, IOSH and NVQ Qualifications are also worth considering depending upon your circumstances.

IOSH Qualifications such as Working Safely or Managing Safely are a good choice for absolute beginners in this field, introducing key Health and Safety concepts while being relatively short and cost effective. Taking one of these courses prior to NEBOSH studies is also a great way to increase your chances of successfully qualifying at certificate level and beyond.

NVQ Qualifications meanwhile can offer an alternative to NEBOSH Certificate or Diploma studies, substituting examinations with competency evaluation based upon evidence gathered through existing employment. A perfect option for practitioners who need to balance studies with existing responsibilities.

Employer specific benefits

The benefits of being qualified in Health and Safety don’t end with those for the employee; employers gain vast mutual benefits by employing SHE trained managers or providing training for existing staff.

Typical employer specific benefits of having staff trained in Health and Safety include:

  • Legal compliance – Neglecting to protect the well-being and safety of workers could land an employer huge fines and reputation damage should a HSE inspection identify failings. Doubly so if an accident occurs due to said negligence.
  • Increased productivity – Workers who feel they are valued and cared for properly by SHE policies are likely to be much happier and productive. In comparison, workers who feel management doesn’t address their safety and well-being will be inclined to become demotivated and careless.
  • Prevent tragedy – Injury and loss of life can send shockwaves throughout an entire workplace, with seemingly minor risks having the potential to develop into life changing hazards. Taking action prior to disaster ensures the likelihood of a worst-case scenario is minimised.

Why begin e-Learning studies now?

Returning to the initial question; why begin e-Learning studies now?

SHEilds e-Learning can transform your career development and is convenient in many ways, making materials globally accessible through our online platform, while exam centres are also widely available within and outside of the UK.

With that said, an investment of time and effort is essential to maximise your chances of successful qualification. A typical NEBOSH Certificate course for example will realistically require 6-12 months (80-120 hours) of regular study to be completed as planned.

If you wish to become qualified and actively pursue a career in 2019 this is all the more reason to enrol now, before the new year rolls around. Being fully informed and ready to go with a login to SHEilds e-Learning on January 1st will allow you to capitalise on your career resolutions.

Starting the year with maximum enthusiasm and a realistic development schedule will result in far more achievable goals. In turn, this could very well have an impact for years to come, starting a career climb that changes the course of your working life.

Begin your career transformation this Christmas; find our much more about SHEilds courses and enrolment HERE.

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