Business Objectives 2017

Stimulate Business Objectives with Health & Safety, HR Consultancy

What are your business objectives in 2017

What is it that could be a potential threat to not achieving those objectives?

Peninsula Business Services Ltd currently answers those same questions and many like them, for over 30,000 businesses across the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Regardless of if, you make cupcakes and have two staff, or if you manufacture motor vehicles and have 2,000 staff, your business goals can be stunted and even reversed by problems with staff issues or a serious breach of Health & Safety in your workplace.

Happy Employees are good for business

Peninsula believe that the starting point of your success stems from a slick motivated and happy workforce that are fulfilling their current role in the team while working safely. This is not just a romantic idea that a happy workforce is a productive workforce; the fact of the matter is that your people are your most valuable asset while they are happy and productive. These same staff can also be your most expensive asset when they are being difficult, late, sick or simply not working within your current health & safety guidelines.

Peninsula are experts in ensuring you are able to keep compliant with legal requirements while being commercial in your approach. We believe a ‘one size approach’ to supporting business with HR and Health & Safety will never be acceptable to a company like Peninsula. This is why SHEilds Ltd have partnered with Peninsula giving SHEilds customers and students access to guidance and help on how to maximise a working weeks profitability.

Get in touch with an advisor from SHEilds today and request your FREE, none obligation compliance review with Peninsula. By investing an hour in your business Peninsula will be happy to let you know why their strapline is #success starts here.

Get your FREE health and safety consultancy quote from Peninsula

Outshine your Competitors

Peninsula members are 3.5 times more successful than their competitors. Don’t miss out, find out why now!

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