IEMA Environmental Skills Guide for workforce / managers

IEMA Environmental Sustainability Guide

IEMA Environmental Sustainability for the Workforce, & Environmental Sustainability for Managers Guide

With our upcoming launch of two new IEMA courses we thought we’d take a look at who IEMA are, and what the 2 new courses offer. So, take a look at the following guide. It should help you to decide whether these highly regarded courses are right for you.

Who are IEMA

IEMA is the professional body for everyone working in environment and sustainability. They are responsible for ensuring that people working on the front line in these areas have the right knowledge, competencies, skills, and confidence to do a professional job. They also help and support businesses, governments, and regulators to do the right thing when it comes to environment and sustainability related initiatives, challenges, and opportunities.

What exactly is it – Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce

The Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce qualification is a one-day course, which provides learners with a practical introduction to environmental sustainability, making sure they are equipped with the knowledge, understanding, and motivation to make a positive difference within their workplace.

This course is ideal for those working in any role, across all sectors, to ensure that environmental sustainability is embedded into all roles of a workplace.

This course will help you to understand:

  • The main environmental and economic risks and opportunities.
  • Compliance obligations and business drivers for change.
  • The main potential impacts on environment and sustainability.
  • How to improve environmental performance.

What exactly is it – Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers

The Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers qualification is a two-day course and is intended to support managers and supervisors from any industry in understanding the strategic and operational implications environmental sustainability has on them, their team and department. It enables you to contribute to the improved environmental sustainability of their organisation and is ideal to rapidly upskill your team and those who oversee operational objectives.

This qualification is a transitional course that builds on this knowledge and really drills down into the detail, giving managers and supervisors the tools to implement their broadened knowledge and skills. This is ideal for team leaders and managers who want to oversee organisational improvements.

This course will help you to:

  • Evaluate drivers for change and barriers.
  • Apply knowledge and understanding to baseline data to monitor and improve performance.
  • Apply knowledge of environmental sustainability across the value chain.
  • Demonstrate the importance of implementing resource efficiency.
  • Demonstrate how employees can improve environmental performance.