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Would you like to receive discounts off products because your a student?

There are Hundreds of Student Discounts available to NUS members

Take advantage today, join the National Union of Students, save money, get free stuff, Yay!

Student Union | NUS Discounts

Start your study today and become a member of the National Union of Students (NUS)

NUS discounts for membership

Studying with SHEilds has its benefits

Study with SHEilds, become an NUS member

When studying with SHEilds you can apply for your NUS card to register for NUS discounts, this will entitle you to discounts off many major fashion retailers, restaurants, cinemas and entertainment packages.

Also enjoy continued support from The National student union with advice, help and guidance through your studies.

There is also an international NUS membership for students studying with SHEilds outside of the UK!

Your NUS Student Discounts

Just some of the great discounts you’ll receive when joining up as a SHEilds NUS student:

  • Save up to 50% off restaurants bills
  • Free burgers from McDonalds
  • Save up to 50% off theme park entry
  • Save up to 20% off cinemas tickets
  • Save 10% off your shopping at the Co-operative

Complete these easy steps to become an NUS member

Register for your NUS card online and start enjoying your savings straight away!

See our Step by Step Guide

Join the NUS – A step by step guide:

Click here to start: Register for my NUS Card

  1. Follow the on screen steps for a new application
  2. Enter your place of study: SHEilds Ltd
  3. Complete your course information:
    • Course dates
    • A-Level
    • Professional/vocational qualification
  1. Confirm your selection for the NUS card
  2. Upload your picture
  3. Complete your personal data
    • (Your SHEilds username is the same as you use to log into your SHEilds course material)
  4. Confirm your preferred delivery address
  5. Pay for your card
  6. Welcome to the NUS as a SHEilds Student!