What passed your NEBOSH - so what next?

You’ve Passed your NEBOSH! What happens next?

“A goal should not end on completion; it should end with another goal being set.” – Unknown

Congratulations you’ve Passed your NEBOSH qualification! Successfully passing any NEBOSH qualification is a great achievement. It is important to now understand your choices with the doors that have now opened because of your NEBOSH qualification.

You can now choose to enhance the knowledge you have gained from the NEBSOH qualification and expand into specialised areas of health and safety. Or you can take this opportunity to progress to the NEBOSH National Diploma. Which is the most popular choice health and safety qualification in the UK!

Passed your NEBOSH – what’s next?

Taking a NEBOSH qualification provides more opportunities than ever! Once you’ve passed your NEBOSH qualification, it gives increased chances for promotions and opens new career paths whilst vastly improving job security. These are only to list a few of the excellent benefits gained from the qualification.

Employers have a keen eye for NEBOSH qualifications as they are globally recognised and equally accredited. NEBOSH qualifications provides peace of mind to employers as the practical knowledge gained from the qualification is shown during the day-to-day ongoings with a safer workplace.

Having a NEBOSH qualification gives a healthy head-start within organisations and industries as they provide a necessary competitive advantage to any job role. After you’ve successfully passed the NEBOSH General Certificate, individuals qualify for Associate Membership (AIOSH).

Recent statistics also demonstrate the recognition employers typically offer NEBOSH qualified candidates.

Where UK employers are hiring for Health and Safety positions the following has been shown:

  • 87% (nine in ten) request a NEBOSH qualification when hiring for a SHE role.
  • NEBOSH General Certificates remain the most popular requested requirement.
  • The other most popular qualification requests are NEBOSH Diplomas and Certificates in Construction.

Qualifications to go after NEBOSH: NVQ’s

Our NVQ’s provide a large range of knowledge regarding more in-depth health and safety management to help further explore your career in Health and Safety overall.

An NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) is a qualification that recognises someone’s competence in the workplace (the skills, knowledge and understanding they have in a work situation.) NVQ’s are based on national occupational standards for their given occupational area. This is a perfect steppingstone after completing your NEBOSH qualifications.

A range of NVQ’s we offer are as followed:

  • NVQ level 6 in Health and safety
  • NVQ level 5 in Health and Safety
  • NVQ level 3 in Health and Safety

As well as our brand-new addition: NVQ level 7 Diploma in Strategic Health and Safety Management and Leadership

Job Opportunities with NEBOSH

We went in-depth with the job opportunities NEBOSH gives in our other Blog post. You can find it here: NEBOSH Jobs home / abroad