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Job opportunities with NEBOSH home and abroad

“Home is not the place where you are born or raised, Home is the place where you settle and feel the most at peace with one’s self.” – Unknown

Today we’ll be sharing Job opportunities with the NEBOSH International General Certificate qualification, and what you might need if you are planning to work abroad such as conversion courses to follow specific national legislation or accessible courses to help and assist your transition.

First of all, what is the NEBOSH International General Certificate?

The NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC), is a qualification that enables our students to identify, evaluate and control a wide range of workplace hazards. The qualification encourages a pragmatic approach to managing risk and the content can be applied in workspaces anywhere in the world. It is widely used throughout the world by people who seek recognition for their health and safety skills and knowledge and enhances job opportunities with NEBOSH certified training.

The NEBOSH International General Certificate allows fresh learners to take a leap into the realm of health and safety and how to approach work-based scenarios. This has been shown to help our students who are less workplace experienced by providing insight into what can happen and what would happen if people weren’t aware of Health and Safety practices. This has given our students the competitive edge for the ever-growing health and safety focused job market in the modern world.

(Link to the course here:

Where can my NEBOSH International General Certificate take me?

The NEBOSH International General Certificate is recognised globally for being one of the best Health and Safety qualifications for multi-industry use.

Opportunities with NEBOSH in Europe

In Europe there are countless job opportunities with NEBOSH qualified professionals in high demand. Overall today there were 3203 NEBOSH related jobs available on just one single job search comparison website (source: Indeed Worldwide). These job roles have a wide variety with the most common being a HSE manager for a given organisation.

Opportunities with NEBOSH in the Middle East

In the Middle east, quite specifically for the United Arab Emirates there is an increasing number of job opportunities with NEBOSH qualified professionals in high-demand in this region. Today on one job search comparison website there was 83 positions listed, 36 of which were for Dubai (source: Indeed Worldwide).

Opportunities with NEBOSH in Australia

For Australia specifically The NEBOSH International General Certificate is recognised as being equivalent to an Australian certificate IV in WHS, which is the first step in developing a health and safety career in Australia.

Global opportunities

Some statistics on job search websites as of today include:

This gives a basic overview of the senior job rolls that require a NEBOSH qualification, the average salary across all jobs found in search when searching on these sites was £43,700.

Other qualifications that can help you with international job routes are our range of NVQ’s listed below:

These are global qualifications and are recognised worldwide in every industry.

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2 replies
  1. Nozipho Sibiya
    Nozipho Sibiya says:

    I have study safety and health, my last certificate is introduction to samtrack, my question is can I study a diploma in Nebosh

  2. SHEilds Health and Safety
    SHEilds Health and Safety says:

    Good Day Sibiya – Yes, having already studied your SAMTRAC you are in the perfect position to undertake The NEBOSH International Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals through eLearning a course developed by SHEilds which has been designed with the learner experience as the foremost importance.

    It is recommended for students to have already achieved certification with the NEBOSH International General Certificate before attempting this NEBOSH Diploma (NQF level 8) But armed with your SAMTRAC you do have the underpinning knowledge and skills to undertake the Diploma.

    You may also be interested in our Safety Manager Career plan, but initially we will forward you all details on the NEBOSH International Diploma.


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