Career options and security

Career Options and Job Security

Benefits for SHE Qualifications

One way or another, in the workplace most of us are thinking of advancement; promotions, expanded responsibilities, employment options and security usually being top of the agenda. However, the means to realise these goals may not always be readily apparent.

We might vaguely consider them but lack a clear idea of how to move forward with our ambitions. When you’re already committed to a busy work schedule, finding the time for conventional training courses to develop a career is often problematic.

SHEilds recognises this problem and offers a manageable solution in the form of e-Learning courses for accredited Health, Safety and Environmental Qualifications. By shifting away from the classroom to PCs, laptops and mobile devices our learners are free to prepare for exams as and when they please, comfortably managing course materials around existing schedules.

There are a range of professional benefits for SHE Qualifications, particularly in regard to career options and job security.

Career Options

Employers need qualified expertise on hand in order to thrive as SHE, workforce morale, productivity and reputation are all interlinked.

According to the Labour Force Survey 609,000 people were injured at work between 2016 and 2017 in the UK alone, alongside 137 fatalities. In addition to loss of life and serious harm, this cost the UK economy £14.9 billion across 31.2 million collectively lost working days, which is only the tip of the iceberg.

The realities of losing a colleague or family member are harsh, with a complacent mistake creating a tragedy which can ripple throughout a work community. Life changing injury may also be ruinous to careers and company reputation, with attached fines crippling whole companies under the worst circumstances.

Trained Health, Safety and Environmental professionals are the driving force behind reducing incident figures; bringing their expertise to the forefront of the workplace, helping to raise productivity, improve company image and change industries.

Possessing a NEBOSH Certificate can open a variety of new career options, while area specific variations in Fire Safety, Construction Safety, Oil & Gas Safety, Well-Being and Environmental Management can open even more employment possibilities.

Additionally, if you want to advance to a higher level specialist role you can build upon certificate qualifications with NEBOSH Diplomas or a Level-5 NVQ course unlocking even more options and standing out from the crowd.   

Job Security

We live in uncertain times, but job security is something we’d all like to be more certain of.

Regardless of time, place or industry reliable Health and Safety management matters in the workplace. Professional expertise is essential in its delivery and employers are looking for qualified employees to fill these roles.

Being qualified in Health, Safety or Environmental management could open the way to a wealth of benefits including increased salary, respect and – as mentioned – security.

An SHE Manager will often become an integral part of a company’s inner workings; identifying hazards, establishing control systems and making a connection with colleagues to maintain their well-being. Establishing roots within the workplace will help you to build a future, mutually benefiting your own career development and the company as a whole.

Far from being a dispensable or temporary employee, a trained SHE Manager is invaluable to ensure colleagues feel they can undertake tasks safely while the company as a whole doesn’t risk disastrous fines on their next Health and Safety inspection.

Your number one choice

Whatever your chosen field SHEilds has an e-Learning course that can help equip you with a recognised qualification to make sure your role is secure, whatever the future may bring.

Unlock your potential starting from today; study online for IOSH, NEBOSH and NVQ qualifications up to Diploma level supported by great tutors and expertly made resources through our e-Learning platform.

Wherever you are, SHEilds is your number one choice.


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