mechanics may be exempt from costly training min

Mechanics may be exempt from costly training.

Mechanics and HGV Drivers can avoid costly training

The new rules are part of the Government’s Red Tape Challenge, which is intended to reduce unnecessary bureaucracy. The Government has estimated that 76,000 drivers could benefit from exemptions, saving a total of £29m in the first year alone.

HGV mechanics trainingHeavy goods vehicle (HGV) mechanics could be exempt from requiring professional driver training, under new rules announced by the Roads Minister Stephen Hammond . Current EU laws require anyone who drives HGVs or buses to complete a certificate of professional competence (CPC), but the new rules mean that from 2013 those who drive a short distance for purposes of delivery or repair will be exempt. Mechanics and valets delivering HGVs will no longer need a CPC provided no goods or passengers are carried, driving HGVs is not the drivers main job, and the vehicle remains within 50 kilometres of the drivers base. In addition, drivers are exempt if the vehicle is being driven in order to undergo an official test (e.g. an MOT) at a Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) testing centre or authorised third party facility.

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