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Our NEBOSH Certificate Competition Winner

A Unique Study Opportunity in Health and Safety

Over Christmas SHEilds ran a competition offering a lucky winner the opportunity to enrol for e-Learning studies on a NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety and sit exams entirely free.

Entrants were tasked with answering two questions; why Health and Safety was important to them and why they wish to study a NEBOSH Certificate.

The response was overwhelming, and we received great write ups from everyone, however after much deliberation we’ve chosen our favourite.

It gives us great pleasure to announce our NEBOSH Certificate Competition winner is Thomas Masilo from Pretoria! Congratulations Thomas! We are happy to present you with a unique study opportunity in Health and Safety.

Now, in his own words…

Thomas Masilo’s Account

Why is Health and Safety important to you?

Health and Safety is very important to me due to the fact that it provides understanding of work-related issues concerning the safety of the employees, the daily risks they are facing, their environment they are working in, their wellness and behaviours.

Health and Safety is not only about the employees, but it also includes taking good care of equipment to avoid damages and injuries which may cause the company to lose funds for the broken equipment and reimbursement of the injured.

It is very wise and important to have Health and Safety in the organization because the lives of employees will be protected, and the risk minimized because of the safety measures and regulations that are implemented. Each and every employee will have to adhere to them or else necessary steps and measures will be taken if something else goes wrong.

Health and Safety Management plays a vital role in making sure that people respect their daily tasks, especially working with machines. It also ensures that employees make cautious decisions about their working environment and that they make sure the daily routines of safety measures are followed.

It guides everyone of what is prohibited to avoid dangers and injuries, notifies everybody of where to go and where not to go, what to do and what not to do, what can be worn and what cannot, along with the necessary warning signs placed in the necessary areas.

Health and Safety benefits the organization by preventing the cost of damages to equipment, injuries to employees and production delays due to investigation if there is an accident. It is very important to have Health and Safety in the organization because the employer and the employees deserve what’s best for the aims and goals of the company.

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Why do you want to study for a NEBOSH General Certificate?

I want to study the NEBOSH General Certificate to gain more knowledge and experience about the field of Health and Safety, so that I am able to guide and manage the relevant safety measures in the organization I will be working with; both on my own and with the assistance of the team members of the company.

I want to study the course because it is internationally recognized and it doesn’t restrict me to work in specific parts of the world, meaning with the qualification I can work anywhere I want globally.

The course structure covers most of the issues related to risk employees are facing every day and having the qualification will be an advantage for me and the company I will be working with. I will benefit from the knowledge that I would gain from the course which is more advanced than any other form of safety I have researched.

This course is so important to me, as I see myself as a well-trained HSE Officer of a worldwide organization one day.

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