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Well here I am, waiting to fling myself at the postman like a rabid dog.  Yes, it’s exam results day and like most NEBOSH students I have been waiting for what seems an eternity for the envelope bearing the NEBOSH logo, envying those who have already received their results by email.

The question is, have I passed or have I failed my NEBOSH exam?

A referral is not a failure, a pass is not the end

Well firstly, a pass would be great but ‘failed’ isn’t as defeating as it initially sounds.  I have completed the course and given it my best shot which is in no way a total failure; a lot of work goes into completing a NEBOSH course and the exam itself is no mean feat.  Therefore, it’s far more appropriate to use the NEBOSH term of ‘referred’ instead.

First and foremost, to those who have passed – well done!  Whether it be a certificate level or a diploma, this is the culmination of a lot of work. You can breathe easy for the immediate future before considering your next step.

There are many options such as diplomas or certificates in other specialised areas such as construction, fire or international qualifications.  Perhaps you want to progress to a degree or a Masters?  Whatever your plans, use the confidence this qualification has given you but remember to keep studying – Health & Safety is constantly changing and as a practitioner you need to keep up to date.  Have you become a member of IOSH yet? If so, your new qualification could mean you can upgrade to Tech IOSH or Grad IOSH to say nothing of the various other memberships available to specific qualifications.

Remember, if you need any help deciding what the most sensible progression would be from your current qualifications the SHEilds advisor team is only a click away with the ‘Live Chat’ button in the corner of this page.

NEBOSH Exam ProviderDon’t be discouraged, get back on the horse

For those that have received a ‘refer’ mark; well done on the mark you did achieve.  The best thing you can do now is get straight back on the horse.  Here are some tips about re-taking your exam:

  1. Go back to the syllabus – did you understand everything correctly or is there an area you were unsure of that needs more work?
  2. Check your understanding of command words – look again at the NEBOSH guidance NEBOSH Command Words – Useful for your Exam.
  3. Hit the books again and do not give up. If you passed one of the other exams a referral can leave you feeling disillusioned and I have been in that position.

Trust me, you feel such a sense of achievement when you do re-sit and pass the exam; becoming discouraged so easily and abandoning the progress you have made would truly be a shame.

Always remember, the purpose of the qualification is not simply to pass the exam, it is to demonstrate your ability as a health and safety practitioner.  Some of us just need a bit more practice but we will get there and it will be worth it.

Anyway, I think I hear the sound of the post arriving!

Victoria Hughes

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    • Victoria Hughes
      Victoria Hughes says:

      Hello Adewuyi,

      Thank you for your comment, although I’m a little uncertain what it is you’re asking exactly.

      If you are asking asking how soon you can take a nebosh exam re-sit – The closest date you can register to take a resit is between 19th September and 6th October in order to sit the exams on 7th December 2016.

      If this doesn’t answer your question, can you please clarify and I’ll provide the best answer I can.

      I have checked our records and it does not appear you are currently a SHEilds student (based on your email), although we do accept external students from other nebosh providers for examinations. If you want further advice it’s best to get in touch with one of our advisers.

  1. Aftab Alam
    Aftab Alam says:

    Sir i have cleared my igc1 and igc3 exam. But i have got 43 in igc2. I’m confused whether i can go for review my result or re-sit.

    • SHEilds Health and Safety
      SHEilds Health and Safety says:

      With a score of 43 you are within the NEBOSH marking tolerance for a remark. There is no guarantee that the remark will result in the grade changing. In most cases the results stay the same but if they do change it is usually by 1-3 marks either way. If you do wish to go ahead with the remark of your March 2019 exams then you should contact the exams team on and the exam team can send you the required form. You can then complete the form and send this to NEBOSH along with the remark fee. The result will take around 40 working days to come through.


  2. joyal alex
    joyal alex says:

    Hello sheilds,

    i got my nebosh rresults. but im confused in understanding it.
    my marks are as follows


    in the attachment they mentioned ” refer ” in status column and nothing written in “unit result” column.

    What is my result ? which all subjects i passed ? failed ?

    pls help

      • Tony mckinnon
        Tony mckinnon says:

        i got my nebosh results through for the March exam on the GC2 I scored 54 on the GC3 I scored 72 but on my NGC1 I scored 44 one point short of a pass I have put in an appeal to nebosh today at the cost of £75 pounds
        Three others on my course got the same results as I out of a clsss of 9

        • SHEilds Health and Safety
          SHEilds Health and Safety says:

          Hello Tony, that is unfortunate as you scored quite well in the other papers. NGC1 is notoriously the more difficult paper to pass, especially with a high scoring grade, as it covers quite a lot of aspects around legislation and UK law, which can be a challenge to recall. With only 1 mark off passing, you are doing the right thing by appealing the result. Good luck!

  3. Sunny Tate
    Sunny Tate says:

    I was enrolled through distance learning program for NEBOSH IGC
    got result
    igc2- 53
    igc3- 37

    I believe, had done practical assessment in consideration of mark breakups by NEBOSH and spend enough hrs to prepare report.
    what would be the reason I failed in igc3 only?

    • SHEilds Health and Safety
      SHEilds Health and Safety says:

      Hello Sunny,

      That’s a shame you didn’t manage to pass the IGC3 practical. A few years ago we noticed our students pass rates dropping for the practical exam, so we tried to identify what it was that was causing our students to score poorly here. After some research we found that the primary issue was students missing important key instructions highlighting what needs to be included in the report.

      SHEilds then created a series of explanatory videos, specifically about the practical exam report and embedded these into sheilds elearning materials. Promoting these videos to students was easy and we quickly saw a lot of our students viewing the videos. When the next IGC3 practical exam was scheduled we immediately noticed pass rates improve for our students.

      The message that I’m trying to get across is that the IGC3 guidance documents provided by NEBOSH themselves are not written in a way that is easily absorbed and many students miss the key points to include because of this. With SHEilds IGC3 practical videos, we’ve made this guidance easier to take in and learn.

      If you’re a SHEilds student, we highly recommend viewing the practical instructional videos, presented by one of our safety experts, who also happened to win the Best NEBOSH National Diploma candidate award when they themselves were undertaking their Diploma in 2008.

      Good luck next time.

  4. Stanley Ihakpe
    Stanley Ihakpe says:

    Good Morning,

    I have two enquiries.
    1. I got the following scores in my NEBOSH IGC exams; IGC1 63, IGC2 49, IGC3 67. I was awarded a PASS. What does this mean?

    2. How long will it take for the certificates to be sent to me after result notification?

    • SHEilds Health and Safety
      SHEilds Health and Safety says:

      Hello Stanley,

      Here are direct answers to your questions:

      1. A pass means that the student has passed each of the units and has achieved the qualification and means you have passed the qualification, albeit not with top marks.

      2. Certificates are released by NEBOSH within 20 working days of the results declaration. Although depending on your training provider, it may take longer in some cases for your certificate to be physically posted to your address as this depends on their postal arrangements.

      I hope that helps.

    • SHEilds Health and Safety
      SHEilds Health and Safety says:

      Hello Ankita,

      It’s is recommended that you go for an EAR (Enquiry About Results) appeal if you are within 1-3 marks of passing. As you scored 41 you are outside of the recommended grade to appeal.
      However, this doesn’t stop you from appealing or submitted an EAR, it just means the likelihood of gaining enough marks to pass from a re-grade is unlikely.

      The decision is yours – if you feel you did better than your grade suggests it may be well worth submitted an EAR, but if you fancy your chances of passing with a high grade, a resit is the best option as this will give you more time to study and improve upon your previous attempt.

      Good luck!

  5. Solomon Donkor
    Solomon Donkor says:

    Last September 4th, i was among the candidates who sat for our NEBOSH examination, in my case i took IGC1 and 3.
    But unfortunately, on 13th November as other candidates received the emails of their results, i did not get an email till now
    My question is why i did not receive an email

    • SHEilds Health and Safety
      SHEilds Health and Safety says:

      Hello Solomon,

      I can find your details on our systems, however it doesn’t appear you are a SHEilds student currently. We’d be glad to take you on and as always provide as much assistance you need throughout your studies.

      To answer your question regarding email of results – Firstly this depends on whether your correct email address was provided to your course training provider and no mistakes were made when your email was setup to be notified. Sometimes emails can go in to the spam or junk folder, however if you’ve been emailed, but simply late, this could be because their was an error in your email or how it was entered in the course providers systems. When emails fail, yet there was no issue with the spelling of the email, they generally try to be re-sent automatically by the email system (at least a few attempts are usually made over a number of days) – this could also explain the delay.

      I would advise you to approach your training provider and ask this question to their NEBOSH exam department. IF SHEilds is your training provider, please use a contact form here: Contact & Support and someone from the SHEilds exam department will investigate and contact you directly.


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