watch out you whiskey drinkers canada dry could be next min

Watch out you whiskey drinkers Canada Dry could be next

Be Warned Whiskey drinkers

We hate it! Canadian food inspectors ban MARMITE for ‘unapproved ingredients’ along with Ovaltine, Irn-Bru and Lucozade

The ban has come to light after Government officers swept products from the shelves of an expats shop. This included Lucozade, Ovaltine, Iron-Bru, Penguin bars and Marmite.

Canada vs MarmiteCanada

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Canada vs Irn-Bru

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Canada is home to one of the largest populations of Scottish expats, is it going to be a dry do too?

A spokesman for A.G. Barr, which makes Irn-Bru, said the company produces a Canada-specific product in a specially-labelled 500ml plastic bottle which does not contain Ponceau 4R, and has been exporting via a local distributor for more than 15 years.

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