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World Environment Day (WED)

Continue the Good Work

With there being so many environmental disaster stories in the media – oil spills, species brought to near extinction, companies fined for causing pollution –  people can be forgiven for thinking that the planet is heading for a tragic future.

But what can you do?  You can recycle, you can teach your children not to drop litter, you may even sponsor an endangered animal; these are just some great examples of small efforts helping on a larger scale.

You may be just one person, but all these small efforts still make a difference. So, thank you for your help, continue the good work and let’s do even better!

Connecting People to Nature

The United Nations wanted to make more of a difference, to put more focus on environmental issues, pushing them to the forefront of thoughts across the globe. But how could they do this?

They created World Environment Day (WED). A day when everyone can do their part on a local, national and even global level.

So, the 5th June was designated World Environment Day and it has been a success every year since its first official day in 1974.

Its purpose it to encourage worldwide awareness of issues whilst inspiring people to take action to protect the environment. It has taken off across the globe with over 143 countries now taking part each year, all doing what they can.

Every WED day has had a theme selected by the host country, which highlights the issues they are facing and the 2017 theme from Canada is ‘Connecting People to Nature’.

Get outside

The UN encourages individuals and organisations to think of activities that help the environment and post these on the WED website so that others can participate and do their part.

In the past, the WED campaigns have spurred individual action into communal power that creates an increasing positive impact on the planet; making it the biggest annual event for positive environmental action.

Since its creation there have been thousands of events organised which include:

  • Neighbourhood clean-ups
  • Replanting hedgerows
  • Garbage recycling
  • Tree planting

All designed to address the large environmental issues facing the planet right now – deforestation, loss of wildlife, global warming, wastage, etc.

This year’s theme ‘Connecting People to Nature’ wants us to get outside and really appreciate nature and our symbiotic relationship with it.

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Most people in developed countries, are stuck indoors all day at work, drive home and then stay in all evening. The closest some people come to nature is when a bee or wasp gets in their house or car.  It’s a change in the times, as some would say. There seems to be a shift from children always being in the street; getting upset because they had to go in, to those hardly ever venturing outside as their Wi-Fi connection would be lost.

There are more things to keep us indoors, televisions, games consoles, sky boxes, laptops, kindles, etc. and more are always coming onto the market.

So, this years WED theme is very appropriate. Get outside, play games, go for a walk, paddle in the sea, visit your local park/wildlife centre/farm, appreciate nature for everything that it is and does.

For more information on World Environment Day please click the link below:

Alternatively check your local newspapers for any events being organised in your area that you can participate in. Local park clean ups, recycling schemes and wildlife habitat conservation are a few common activities that arise each year.

Canada is offering free entry to all its natural parks and marine conservation areas, groups are organising art exhibitions, dances, etc. so what are you waiting for? Step out to rekindle with nature and have some fun.


Emma Wiles

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