HSG107 updates - PAT

HSG107 Updates

Maintaining Portable Electrical Equipment (HSG107)

This guidance document is aimed at all levels from managers to users and provides advice and guidance on the maintenance of portable electrical equipment whether this is mains connected or not.

HSG107 Portable Electrical Equipment

Maintaining Portable Electrical Equipment HSG107 Updates

Updates to HSG107 – (PAT) testing and more

The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 (known as HSG107) requires the maintenance of electrical systems and equipment, both fixed and portable.

The guide covers the techniques for maintaining equipment as well as the factors to consider when deciding on your testing and maintenance program which could include user checks, formal inspections and portable appliance testing (PAT). The guidance document clarifies the legal requirement and contains an updated section on suggested time periods for testing. In order to determine if everything is sound or additional actions are required to bring the equipment up to a safe standard.

For more information on this please find the link to HSG107 via the HSE website which can be downloaded free of charge.