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Professional Development through SHEilds

Where to begin and where to go next 

If you’re thinking of starting an eLearning course with SHEilds it can be daunting knowing where to begin or indeed – if you’ve recently completed a qualification – where to go next; the purpose of this blog is to suggest a recommended route through a typical progression of health & safety qualifications.

Professional Development Planning

The following sections offer a quick rundown on where to begin, how you might progress and what advanced Diploma options are ultimately available. Be aware however that a range of specialised options are also offered for specific industries and roles which our advisor team are always happy to talk about.

IOSH Managing Safely – A Good Place to Start

Ideal for employees and managers beginning a health & safety career, the IOSH Managing Safely course will equip candidates with a UK NQF level 2 qualification along with underpinning knowledge and solid understanding of occupational health and safety in the workplace.

Having no prerequisites and a short average study time of only 36 hours the course provides an accessible starting point for people aiming to undertake NEBOSH studies.


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The particular topics covered in the course are the following:

  • Module 1 – Introduction.
  • Module 2 – Assessing Risks.
  • Module 3 – Controlling Risks.
  • Module 4 – Understanding Responsibilities.
  • Module 5 – Understanding Hazards.
  • Module 6 – Investigating Incidents.
  • Module 7 – Measuring Safety Performance.

Candidates are examined online and are required to answer 30 questions with an average pass mark of 20.

Following successful completion achieving a pass mark for the exam candidates are then required to complete a practical project within their own workplace involving a risk assessment of the workplace location, activities and work equipment/substances used.

The candidates who are successful in passing both the examination assessments will be awarded with the IOSH Managing Safely certificate and the option of an Affiliate IOSH membership.

NEBOSH Certificates – For Supervisors & Managers

NEBOSH certificates are aimed at supervisor and managerial roles with a focus in health & safety. It’s generally expected these roles will already have acquired an IOSH qualification.

NEBOSH National or International General Certificate

NEBOSH National or International General Certificates will equip candidates with a UK NQF level 3 Tech qualification and more in-depth knowledge and understanding of occupational health & safety practice in the workplace.

A more demanding mid-level qualification with a typical study time of 120 hours, the General Certificate provides a solid foundation for learners to take a Diploma course following completion.

The particular topics covered in the course are the following:

  • Element 1 – Foundations in Health & Safety.
  • Element 2 – Health & Safety MS – Plan.
  • Element 3 – Health & Safety MS – Do.


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  • Element 4 – Health & Safety MS – Check.
  • Element 5 – Health & Safety MS – ACT.
  • Element 1 – Workplace Hazards.
  • Element 2 – Transport Hazards.
  • Element 3 – Musculoskeletal Hazards.
  • Element 4 – Work Equipment Hazards.
  • Element 5 – Electrical Hazards.
  • Element 6 – Fire Hazards and Controls.
  • Element 7 – Chemical & Biological Hazards.
  • Element 8 – Physical & Psychological Hazards.

Candidates are graded on two written exam papers and one practical workplace project. The pass mark for papers GC1 & GC2 is 45% in each paper, the pass mark for the practical workplace project is 60%.

Following the successful completion of all three examinations the candidates will be awarded with the NEBOSH National or International General Certificate and are entitled to apply for AIOSH, TechIOSH and AIIRSM memberships.

Alternatively, specialised NEBOSH Certificates are also available for learners looking for a focus on Construction, Fire Safety, Environmental issues, Employee Wellbeing and Oil & Gas.

NEBOSH Diplomas – Boost your Career Development

Boost your career and professional development through achieving a NEBOSH Diploma. These qualifications are the top of the tree in the health & safety world. Those holding a NEBOSH diploma are head and shoulders above those at certificate level.

NEBOSH National or International Diploma

Intended for higher management occupational health & safety practitioners the NEBOSH National or International Diploma equips candidates with a UK NQF level 6 qualification equivalent to an Honours degree. Knowledge and understanding of occupational health & safety developed is transferable between a variety of sectors and allows for organisation of effective safety programs and hazard control.

While there are no set prerequisites Diploma studies are some of the most challenging SHEilds offers with completion typically taking over a year; as such a NEBOSH General Certificate is strongly recommended in preparation.


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The particular topics that are covered in the diploma course syllabus are the following:

  • Unit A/IA – Health & Safety Management.
  • Unit B/IB – Control of Hazardous Agents in the Workplace.
  • Unit C/IC – Workplace and Work Equipment Safety.
  • Unit D/ID – Health & Safety Theory and Practice.

Candidates are examined by completing three written examinations followed by a written practical project assignment exam. The pass mark for each of the Units A, B, C are 45% in each paper, the unit D written practical project pass mark is 50%.

Following the successful completion of all Units A, B, C and D candidates will be awarded with the NEBOSH National/International Diploma while extensive membership options include CertIOSH, CMIOSH, MIIRSM and RMaPS.

To conclude; all of the above is only one possible development route to give learners an idea of which order to tackle qualifications in, there are many others according to industry and desired role.

Making sure that your route is right for you and provides support for the career YOU want is, as always SHEilds unwavering mission.


Kai Young


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