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Dangers Water Safety 2018 Blog - SHEilds Health and Safety

The Dangers of Water

A safety risk which hides in plain sight Hello there, Ted Sturgeon…
SHEilds Celebrates Fathers Day 2018

Father's Day 2018

Health and Safety tips for Father's Day Dads often have their…
Safety Shopping Online

Safety in Shopping Online

How safe is shopping online? I bet anyone who has clicked through…
OHS Needs Effective Communication

Effective communication

OHS Needs Effective Communication The Oxford English dictionary…
Beating Plastic Polution

Beating Plastic Pollution

Preventing a Trash Planet Future As a cinema, TV, novel, videogame…
Mental Health Awareness Week 2018 - SHEilds Health and Safety Blog

Mental Health Awareness Week

Stress – Are we coping? Mental Health Awareness Week is run…

Ramadan Health Tips

Fasting Safely With the month of Ramadan beginning this week…

Sun Awareness Week

Fun in The Sun? Hello again, Ted Sturgeon here with a little…
Save Lives Clean your Hands Blog

Save Lives – Clean Your Hands  

Reassess Hand Hygiene Washing your hands following a bathroom…