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Womens Day South Africa 2018

National Women’s Day South Africa

Empowering and uplifting one another The empowered woman is…
HAVS Blog Image Header - SHEilds Health and Safety

What is HAVS?

Protect yourself from developing the syndrome If you work in…
How Health and Safety is Monitored and Reviewed

How Health and Safety is Monitored and Reviewed

Health and Safety is Monitoring and Review An essential component…
Ways to improve productivity at work

9 ways to improve productivity at work

Reduce injuries and downtime In 2018, there have been many reports…
Tip to Reduce Aches and Pains SHEilds Blog

Tips to Reduce Aches and Pains at Work

Discomfort both at work and at home Regardless of whether you…
SHEilds NEBOSH Best Candidates 2018

NEBOSH Best Candidates

Raising the bar At SHEilds we have two main objectives. The…
World Hepatitis Day Blog Image

World Hepatitis Day

Spread the word to help others As many of you might not have…
NVQ Level 3 and Level 6 Comparison

NVQ Level 6 Diploma and NVQ Level 3 Certificate

Course information and guidance As of the July 2018, SHEilds…
Agriculture and Farm Safety Week - 6 prevention tips for accidents

Agricultural Safety Matters

Six key areas of farm safety In the UK, farming and safety don't…