Cheated out of competent advice…????

Cheated out of competent advice?

Serious concerns are surfacing within the world of international Occupational Health & Safety as more and more cases of malpractice in examinations are coming to light.

Discovery of widespread corruption within the educational system in some Asian sectors and other parts of the world has exposed a world of payments, bribery and threats, with some students believing it is their ‘democratic right’ to cheat their way to gaining qualifications.

For the global Health & Safety sector, where competency is critical to safer health and working practices, cheating in exams is a huge concern and one that the sector is very mindful of.

The current levels of competence recognised through examinations, relies heavily on the integrity of the exam boards and the course providers running the course delivery and examination days.  For confidence in competency based learning to remain high standards must remain consistent.

To further ensure no corruption is allowed to develop within the system cases of malpractice are being and must continue to be exposed and eliminated immediately.

The message to those who wish to cheat their way to a job within Health & Safety needs to remain clear……risk cheating and put others at risk…or genuine study for genuine competency.

For further information on general education concerns please take a look at the link below:

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