NEBOSH Plagiarism

All of the NEBOSH health and safety qualifications includes a practical assessment which has recently seen an increase in the amount of malpractice cases.

NEBOSH are aware of “model assignments” that do come up for sale on the internet but they are telling students not to buy them.

The NEBOSH team carry out regular searches to identify assignments for sale and they compare all submissions against them.

If NEBOSH discover that any submission is based on someone else’s work they will take action and impose sanctions where this is evident. Results will be declared void and students can be banned from taking further exams for a period of time.

NEBOSH will also take action against the student who has allowed someone else to use their assessment in this way.

From NEBOSH’s experience the assignments that are available to use are not always model submissions either. In fact, some of those for sale would not even gain a pass mark.

It is also worth noting that course providers, marking the certificate and environmental diploma assignments in house, will also be checking for plagiarism and reporting this to NEBOSH to ensure the standards of the qualification are not lowered.

The NEBOSH message is clear; it’s not worth the risk.


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