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Fantastic Graduation Figures @ NEBOSH Ceremony

Study our International Diploma Today

Study our International Diploma Today

SHEilds at the NEBOSH Graduation Ceremony

SHEilds recently attended the NEBOSH graduation ceremony as sponsors of the best candidate in the NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health (IDIP). A category we have been sponsoring for 6 years now. This year the best candidate was SHEilds student Mr Shahzeem Shams, who had inspiring results.

The SHEilds team who attended the graduation ceremony had a great day as did the students but the real pleasure was seeing so many SHEilds’ students named in the graduation lists.

There were 388 international diploma students graduating this year and 107 of them were students of SHEilds, that’s 28% of all graduates, a great number.

Figures from the day show that of all the students scoring a distinction level in their exams, 22% of them were from SHEilds.  26% of credit scorers and 28% of students scoring a pass were also from SHEilds Ltd. Some fantastic figures, well done SHEilds students.

For the Environmental Diploma qualification, 18% of all graduates were SHEilds students. However, the amazing fact was that of all the students scoring a distinction, 66% of them were SHEilds students, another wonderful result.

Congratulations to all SHEilds students and we hope to see a lot more of you on the graduation podium in the future.


Emma Wiles

Tutor Support Manager.


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