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What Online eLearning can do for you and your studies

If you’re yet to take an eLearning course you may be wondering how it compares to a conventional classroom based one. The SHEilds NEBOSH Construction Certificate was my first experience of ‘online eLearning’, and what a great experience it turned out to be.

I’d previously studied at Colleges, Universities and private training providers, all of this being done on a face-to-face basis in the classroom; this type of learning still has its place, however with new technology the ability to study online is a massive step forward and one that I’ve really enjoyed.


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The flexibility to study when I wanted and at a pace that suited me was really beneficial. Some days I wanted to learn more and other days when other things in my life were a priority I tended to study less. The key thing was being able to access the course when my brain was fresh and I was ready to learn.

I’ve previously been a head of health, safety & environment in a public limited company and I can also see the benefits that online e-learning can bring an employer in terms of reduced costs associated with travel and accommodation for instance.

It’s definitely going to be an increasingly important means of learning and SHEilds are already helping students around the globe to learn and ultimately make the world a safer and more sustainable place.

I’m such an advocate of this type of learning that I actually applied to work for SHEilds as a Tutor and I’m thoroughly enjoying my new role. We’re constantly looking to improve our courses and make learning easier and more rewarding for our students, so if you’re thinking about studying then please contact us to learn more – I might even end up being your Tutor.

by Philip Slingsby

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