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Sharing HSE’s Health and Safety Strategy

Great Britain has an excellent record in regards to Health & Safety, which is built upon an extensive regulatory framework. However, as ill health currently accounts for over 23 million lost days each year, costing the economy around £9 billion, more still needs to be done.

This is why the new HSE strategy ‘Helping Great Britain Work Well: A new Health and Safety system‘ has been developed. Hopefully this will do as promised and ensure everything is kept as simple as possible to enable businesses to not only understand what to do but actually get it done; inspiring others to follow and share an ideal example.

To ensure the strategy is as successful as possible, the HSE will be offering their support and guidance to businesses as well as being the leading head, promoting successful approaches and tracking progress.

To do our part in promoting this strategy, SHEilds is sharing a rundown on the key goals to help spread the word and get more people involved.

Understanding the strategy

The strategy sets out the key themes which will be the focus of the HSE, Government and businesses over the next 5 years. There are 6 strategic themes which are believed to be the key to improving Health & Safety in the workplace and maintaining Great Britain’s impressive reputation in this field. These are:

Acting Together SHEilds Blog Health and Safety ImageActing together: Creating a greater sense of ownership for Health & Safety in Great Britain.





ill-health-landingTackling ill health: Drawing attention to the costs of work-related ill health and finding ways to tackle it.





Managing Risk SHEilds Health and Safety Blog Articles ImageManaging risk well: Making risk management simple and facilitating business growth.





Small Employers SHEilds Health and Safety BlogSupporting small employers: Providing simple advice for SMEs and a clear course of action.





keeping-pace-landingKeeping pace with change: Foreseeing new Health & Safety challenges and addressing them effectively.





Sharing Success SHEilds Health and Safety Image BlogSharing success: Promoting Great Britain’s world-class Health & Safety system as far as possible.

This strategy aims to provide direction to businesses which is sometimes lost in legislation (which to be fair, unless you are a lawyer, can be very confusing). Hopefully this strategy will do exactly what it sets out to do and help Great Britain retain its ‘Great’ status for Health & Safety.

For more information on the strategy please click the link https://www.hse.gov.uk/strategy/assets/docs/hse-helping-great-britain-work-well-strategy-2016.pdf

And I – along with the rest of SHEilds – will definitely #HelpGBWorkWell

By Emma Wiles

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