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Helping people achieve great Health & Safety

I have been a course advisor for SHEilds since November 2015 and what an amazing time it’s been!

A lot of family and friends ask me what exactly is the role of a course advisor? I tell them it is one of the most important roles in the company as we are the first line of contact when dealing with clients.

Making clients and workplaces happy

How we present, discuss and explain our courses to clients can be the fine line between relationships built or clients we’ve lost. I take pride with a warm heart in my job at SHEilds as its not every day you get the opportunity to help someone build on their future and fulfil their career in Health & Safety.

There is nothing more satisfying than getting feedback from a client to say they have passed their exams and – better yet – they have been offered a job overseas, earning five times more than their current salary. He or she is happy, their family is happy and in return that makes me happy; knowing that you made a difference in someone’s life is the greatest reward you will feel.

Over and above my role at SHEilds though, the IOSH, NEBOSH and City & Guilds products that we offer are of great benefit to any business or employee aiming to improve their Health & Safety. Staff need peace of mind knowing that they are working in a safe environment and having a Health & Safety officer with a professional qualification in the workplace reminds them that there’s someone watching out for their wellbeing.

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The benefits of a qualified safety officer

To consider an example of the benefits our qualifications can offer; IOSH Managing Safely students learn that when identifying a hazard in the workplace it is better to try removing said hazard altogether than simply reducing the risk.

No hazard means no related down time, raising department productivity, whereas if you were to simply reduce the risk, the chances of an accident are still high with the possibility of reduced productivity and unnecessary downtime. Any company with strict deadlines will appreciate having a qualified Health & Safety officer as they know their company is running at its full potential, creating an environment in which monitoring and controlling risks is updated on a monthly basis.

Acknowledging how many different industries have different Health & Safety needs, SHEilds also takes pride in offering a broad range of awards, certificates and diplomas to accommodate various requirements and roles, with all requisite learning materials included as part of the package.

As a course advisor at SHEilds it is my duty to assist individuals and companies to select ideal qualifications that will support their business’s needs. It is additionally important for me to have a vast amount of knowledge on our products as I need to communicate the correct information to clients.

In the past year I have learned so much about Health & Safety and in my curiosity I started studying the NEBOSH courses myself in order to better understand the field. Some might initially dismiss it as a low priority aspect of a business, but you learn that it is a crucial need. Companies need to protect their staff as employees are the fundamental asset on which a business is built; if you fail to do so and invite injury, poor health and bad morale, it hurts the very foundations of a workplace.

Thanks for reading and to our students; the best of luck in your Health & Safety studies!


Dwayne Hall,

Course Advisor, SHEilds South Africa

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