What are the benefits of Refreshing IOSH?

What are the benefits of refreshing my IOSH managing safely course?

There are many benefits to refreshing your IOSH Managing Safely course, such as meeting company requirements for compliance, keeping your knowledge updated to ensure the safety of yourself and others at work and maintaining your skills portfolio.

The worst feeling when an accident occurs is knowing how to respond but not remembering how to carry out the response. Everyone needs a refresher occasionally to help keep up to date and at the forefront of relevant information. That’s why we at SHEilds believe that you should have the opportunity to refresh this knowledge anywhere in the world, through our brand new IOSH Managing Safely Refresher eLearning course.

To get started with our 1 day online refresher today, visit our dedicated IOSH Managing Safely Refresher page.

Why is it a good idea to refresh your IOSH course every 2 years?

We recommend that you refresh the IOSH managing safely course training every 18-24 months. Although the certificate does not expire many company policies require employees to complete the refresher meaning their knowledge is always up to date.

Our refresher course has been designed optimally as a one-day course. Studied online, the course has been made to refresh and improve your knowledge surrounding the main aspects of the Plan-Do-Check-Act model.

What are the benefits of refreshing your IOSH training?

Do you feel confident you could identify all risks in the workplace? Studying the IOSH Managing Safely Refresher online training course makes sure you will be best prepared.

5 Employee Benefits:

  • Refreshes prior knowledge
  • Builds on existing capabilities
  • Puts Managing Safely into action
  • Applies refreshed knowledge to the Plan-Do-Check-Act model and links back to the workplace.
  • Allows for personal reflections on good practice

Are your employees feeling less confident about identifying risks? Well, here are a few reasons for you to act by implementing the IOSH Managing Safely Refresher course for your workforce.

5 Business benefits:

  • Greater productivity, fewer hours lost to accidents and sickness
  • Improved company-wide safety awareness culture and appreciation of safety measures.
  • Active involvement from staff to improve the workplace
  • Intentional and recognised certification for managers and supervisors
  • Enhanced reputation in your given supply chain

What should you expect?

Those enrolled on our refresher course can expect to have concise modules that are backed by scenarios and clear examples with additional summaries that reinforce key points and checklist/materials for use in the workplace. These best serves those that have forgot the important key elements from the IOSH Managing Safely course.

This carefully designed refresher course accredited by IOSH, will reflect on the things you took away from the full Managing Safely course. It will also revisit the key reasons for managing safely and recap some of the key terms in an engaging and participative format.

Where can you locate your certificate number?

On your certificate, the designated certificate number which is unique to you will be present on the bottom right corner of the certificate paper. This will be used to authenticate the certificate itself, proving that you have completed the IOSH Managing Safely course prior to taking the IOSH Managing Safely Refresher course.

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