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Changes to CRB (Criminal Records Bureau)

The Criminal Records Bureau is changing

Are you aware the CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) has rebranded to the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service). This is due to the merge with the ISA (independent Safeguarding Authority). The process to apply for checks has not changed and can still be applied for as normal.


One Certificate Issued Directly to the Applicant

From 17th June 2013 the Government have introduced a new procedure that only one completed DBS certificate will be issued and will go directly to the applicant’s home address. The Government wish to introduce this new procedure to allow the applicant to dispute the content recorded on the certificate if the applicant believes the information is incorrect.

Due to many individual’s applying for employment roles in sectors where a DBS check is required, there has been many opportunities of employment missed as the content can be damaging to the individual if the information stated on the certificate is not accurate, therefore employers dismissing the applicant for the job role applied for. This can be seen as discrimination and can blight people’s opportunities.
The applicant will receive the certificate before producing it to the potential employer and this will provide an opportunity to challenge the DBS without the employer seeing the incorrect content and making a recruitment decision based on inaccurate information.

If you conduct the checks online you will still be notified of the completion and this will allow you to keep track of any applications you are submitting to us. You will be notified by email as normal and this will prompt you to speak to the applicant about the arrival of the certificate.

You may wish to look at your recruitment policies with regards to the DBS checking as this could have an impact on your business. As there will be only one certificate issued it will be in your organisation’s benefit to request the applicant to provide you with the completed certificate.

Have you heard about the Update Service?

The Update Service will allow an individual with a current DBS/CRB disclosure to subscribe directly to the DBS for an update of any information recorded since the date of their most recent disclosure. This will enable an individual to apply for a post in a sector of employment where a DBS check is required without going through the lengthy process of waiting for a completed certificate to be returned before they can begin in their new role.

The applicant will subscribe, should they wish, to the DBS for a small fee and will be on an annual basis so will need to be renewed each year. This will be beneficial to those who move around employment such as Locums, Supply Teachers etc. The procedure is to reduce waiting periods of starting employment and also will make the DBS checks portable.

Once the applicant has subscribed, they will be provided with details to present to their employer and this will specify if any new information has been recorded. If no information has been updated then the employer can then make their decision straight away. If there have been any updates since the issue date of the current certificate then the system will advise the employer to conduct a fresh application for the applicant.

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  1. Joseph Martinez
    Joseph Martinez says:

    It is a good decision taken by the authorities. This merger will ease the overall employment process. Also there will be less headache on the employees as well as the employers. However, before the employers give their final nod to provide employment to the applicants, they should consider doing a background check on their prospective employees for more security purposes.


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