Detox and Hydration Regime

Detoxing and Hydration

A Safe & Healthy Detox Regime for 2017

Having had a great Christmas and New Year some weeks ago, I’ve noticed that I am not my energetic up-for-anything self. I’ve been feeling tired and I keep forgetting things more often than usual, not to mention that I have managed to pack on an additional pound or two!

Topically, since I heard some of my friends talking about detoxing recently I thought it might be worth shedding light on such regimes. While it’s true that there are definitely benefits, there are also many pitfalls if it’s done incorrectly without the correct hydration throughout the process.

To offer some guidance for those considering this route to a healthier 2017 I’ve gathered a few key pointers on the best approach and how to prevent potentially damaging side effects.

Don’t Overburden, Detox Gradually

One of the most important things to bear in mind when approaching a post-holiday detox is that it should be a gradual process. If your detox regime happens too quickly an abundance of toxins will be released which overburden the body likely resulting in headaches, fatigue, digestive discomfort and other unpleasant symptoms.

With all the latter being a bit of a motivation killer, giving up early will leave you with these toxins floating around in your system and you’ll end up being worse off than when you started.

The key to avoiding this condition is to make sure that you start gradually detoxing, keeping hydrated and slowly changing your diet by moving away from processed foods, cooked oils, alcohol and caffeine. Start eating more vegetables, fibre, and whole foods in their natural form. Then, you can begin taking gentle detoxification supplements which clear toxins from the digestive tract and circulation.

Detox Supplements and Staying Hydrated

After about 2 to 3 weeks, you can start using more powerful detox supplements, such as dandelion leaf, cilantro, Alpha Lipoic Acid, milk thistle seed, goldenrod, N-acetyl cysteine, Oregon grape root and others, these will help to remove toxins from your organs and tissues, support your natural detoxing systems, increase energy and protect against inflammation.

The importance of staying hydrated is, frankly speaking, quite obvious as water accounts for 50% to 65% of our body weight, but during detoxing I cannot overstate the vitality of doing so. Research has suggested that hydration improves your memory and mood; keeping you motivated while also improving problem-solving skills.

It doesn’t stop there either, dehydration decreases your blood volume, so your heart must strain to pump the decreased blood volume to get enough oxygen to your cells, making everyday activities and exercise more difficult. Conversely, besides preventing this problem, staying hydrated helps your kidneys to filter waste from the blood and excrete it naturally.

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Staying Motivated

Detoxing tends to be hard, so you need to stay motivated, focused and continuously hydrated. You can alternatively choose a solid food detox which includes five specific foods that provide lean protein (vegan or vegetarian), carbs and good-for-you fat, which can be easier to follow and more filling than liquid-only plans.

There are many benefits to such regimes, especially at this time of year when we are trying to shake off the after effects of our holiday over indulgence. If you decide to go ahead with one be sure to keep in mind that remaining hydrated is an integral part of the detoxification package. Your body will thank you as you will have more energy, you will shed those excess pounds more easily and improve your immune system. You will look younger, think clearer and feel renewed for whatever lies ahead in 2017.

Happy belated new year for you and yours!

Marius Beukes

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