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IOSH Working Safely Explained

If you’re looking for an accessible entry level qualification to offer an overview on how to recognise and assess Health & Safety risks within the workplace, then SHEilds’ IOSH Working Safely course could be the perfect launch board for improved awareness and further career development.
Need more information? Not to worry, to help summarise the essentials of the course we’ve created a snazzy video to clearly explain the key benefits this eLearning package offers.

100% Online, Only 1 Day to Complete

Remember this course is 100% online including the final exam meaning you can study, test and become qualified entirely at your convenience anytime during your 6 months access.
On average students typically complete the course in a single day covering a recommended study time of approximately 8 hours, making it perfect for learners with limited time or those wishing to sample our courses without immediately committing to an extensive, long-term package. There is no practical to worry about and no prior Health & Safety knowledge required.

Understand a Range of Issues and Hazards

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Start Studying IOSH Working Safely

During course studies you will cover:
• Defining risk and hazard.
• What is risk?
• How can risks be controlled?
• How do we decide what to do about risks?
• Common hazards.
• Improving organisation safety performance.
• Competence.
• Roles and responsibilities.
• How is safety measured?
• Lifecycle and process.
• Organisation waste reduction.
• What can you do to reduce waste?

Additionally, quizzes and hazard spotting exercises facilitate an effective testing regime, reinforcing your learning ensuring important knowledge is retained.
Discover today how you could make a difference in your workplace, reducing incidents, improving productivity and paving the way for further professional development, promotion and new employment prospects.
Questions? Our course advisor team are happy to talk you through your options and answer your queries through ‘LIVE CHAT’, telephone or email: contact us

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