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Travelling Safely

How to stay safe whilst travelling

It can be difficult to assess risks associated from travelling abroad for work beforehand as there can be many unknowns, depending on location and mode of transport.

With more and more professionals travelling abroad for work, what can be done to reduce the risk?Travel luggage

Companies need to consider the worst case scenario and plan accordingly.

Many assessments on travelling take into account safety and security but neglect health issues.

Companies need to consider available, local medical facilities or first aid requirements and their accessibility especially in remote areas.  The possibility that hospital staff will not speak English also needs to be taken into account, in any plans.

Existing health conditions of the traveller must also be taken into account.  Any doubts or concerns companies and the traveller should seek medical advice.

When planning any journey use known and trusted suppliers.

Travellers and their companies are advised to tap into advice services such as Foreign and Common Wealth Offices.

Careful planning is key to manage the international movement of employees safely.

Detailed research is required along with assisting employees with their travel plans and monitoring their movements.

Trying to rescue employees and support them from another country is difficult and can be very costly, so it is best to get it right in the first place by planning for the worst case.

Basic health and safety awareness training can help should an issue arise on your travels.


By Emma Wiles

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  1. Ossama Tawfik
    Ossama Tawfik says:

    Well done Emma! i just want to add something to your simple article, which is the Journey Management Plan/System. Many company follow and use this technique to ensure the safest trip for the traveller especially inside the country trips.

    • Emma Wiles
      Emma Wiles says:

      Thank you for you addition to this blog.
      Many companies do use the journey management plans/systems and they are a good technique to use when looking at managing travelling risks.


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