Mike Shields joins for entrepreneurs only

Mike Shields joins ‘For Entrepreneurs Only’

Mike Shields recently joined For Entrepreneurs Only (FEO) with the dedication to enhance entrepreneurs in Hull and East Yorkshire to their fullest and as a by-product create further jobs and boost the local economy.

Business working modelEntrepreneurs value the advice from successful peers and it is an ideal learning method, Mike is in a sub-group at FEO which helps businesses who want to develop and grow, ensuring that a clear strategy and growth plan is put in place to support plans and aspirations. Mike will be co-managing a group of 10 in the initiative ‘Step Change for Growth’ for entrepreneurs who want to take their business and workforce to the next level.

FEO has a joint turnover of £1.5 billion and employs over 8000 local people, members share a common goal: to help rebuild the local economy by creating more private sector jobs for the future.

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