my work experience at SHEilds Ltd-Hull Uk min

My work experience at SHEilds Ltd. (Hull, UK)

My work experience at SHEilds Ltd.

I am a year 10 student at St Mary’s Catholic International Sports College, Hull. So, as a student looking for an IT future, I have visited SHEilds Ltd as a way of gaining ‘work experience’ within the week I’ve been given to ensure that I can increase the skill for what my future holds.

My Graphic Design Experience

I am based within the IT department creating graphics and concept for the SHEilds Ltd websites and thoroughly enjoyed my stay at SHEilds, I have been welcomed as a member of staff, not as a kid that has come in for work experience only. I have been pushed into deadlines which have allowed me to feel more apart of the job and to help me understand the real life pressures.

Cameron Lane; aged 15.

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