NEBOSH Graduation Ceremony 2018

NEBOSH Graduation 2017/2018

Congratulations to our SHEilds Diplomats

As you may know, the 25th of June marked the NEBOSH Graduation 2017/2018 event in Warwick UK, with a large number of SHEilds students attending alongside our Managing Director Patrick Frayne.

Besides offering customary congratulations to our SHEilds Diplomats who attended on completing their study success stories, now is also a good opportunity to take a general look at SHEilds graduates of recent years highlighting why entering the field is such a great career move.

International Diploma Best Candidate

SHEilds are proud to have sponsored the NEBOSH Graduations and Awards for at least eight years now and, as always it’s incredible to see all of the hard work and dedication SHEilds students put in.

Among the greatest achievements celebrated at the event was NEBOSH International Diploma Best Candidate 2018 Gregory Chimezem Afube collecting his Diploma and award.

Gregory Afube SHEilds Graduation Ceremony 2018

NEBOSH International Diploma Best Candidate 2018 Gregory Chimezem Afube with SHEilds Managing Director Patrick Frayne

In addition to this, Gilles Nking – another SHEilds student – was best candidate for the NEBOSH Environmental Diploma while an additional 114 SHEilds diplomats attended the event.

SHEilds students have something of a track record in previous years too when it comes to exceptional results; our best candidate for the NEBOSH International Diploma 2015/2016 Shahzeem Shams scored highly and even shared some inspirational words on camera about his study methods. 2013/2014’s Best NEBOSH Environmental Diploma Candidate Dhayalan Jeyaram was also a SHEilds student.

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The best possible chance

At SHEilds we are driven to offer students the best possible chance to succeed in their studies; becoming qualified to develop Safety, Health and Environmental Management careers to help make workplaces around the world safer.

Approximately 25% of all NEBOSH International and Environmental Diploma diplomats at 2018’s event were SHEilds candidates and we have some other exciting statistics:

International Diploma:

  • 22% of all International Diploma graduates were SHEilds students.
  • 2 out of 5 (40%) of the IDip Distinction candidates were our students.
  • 6 out of 44 (14%) of the IDip Credit candidates were our students.

Environmental Diploma:

  • 27% of all Environmental Diploma graduates were SHEilds students.
  • 1 out of 2 (50%) of the EnvDip Distinction candidates were our students.
  • 5 out of 19 (26%) of the EnvDip Credit candidates were our students.

In future years we hope to raise these statistics even higher as we train new generations of SHE workers to achieve remarkable things and transform the Health and Safety.

A future of success in SHE

Does a future of success in SHE await you? Beginning your journey is likely simpler than you might think, with professional qualifications offering a wealth of career benefits.

Taking an IOSH, NEBOSH or NVQ course through SHEilds is ideal for people seeking a flexible training solution as studies are managed through online e-Learning. Once enrolled, students only need to sign-in on an internet enabled device to access study materials as and when they need, alongside a host of other resources and access to professional tutor support.

Our systems and course content are continually updated and improved to equip students with the tools to succeed, maximising their chances of becoming qualified through exams and assessment.

Entire career development plans can be realised through our courses, with the potential to build up from a beginner in the field to a highly sought-after specialist, enjoying excellent job perks such as strong job security, broad employment opportunities and vastly improved promotional prospects.

Either way it can all begin with a mouse click, email or phone call to our course advisor team.

Congratulations once again to this year’s graduates who we hope to see become tomorrow’s champions of SHE. We hope to see many more of you there in the years to come.

SHEilds Ltd